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Welcome to the Danish Vaishyas blog. The music blog is no more. No more updates, no more downloads. As for today Danish Vaishyas will focus on the music collective and releasing our records on limited, handmade cd-r's.

Danish Vaishyas is a stack of likeminded avant-garde and free-improvisation musicians and we are always looking for new weird heads and original, crazy ideas, so if you have any of those, please don't hesitate to write us at danishvaishyas@gmail.com.

ahiḿsā satyam asteyam akāma-krodha-lobhatā
bhūta-priya-hitehā ca dharmo 'yaḿ sārva-varṇikaḥ

(Nonviolence, truthfulness, honesty, desire for the happiness and welfare of all others and freedom from lust, anger and greed constitute duties for all members of society.)

And with no further delay - this is the catalog:

søndag den 6. december 2009

DV010 Ganden Tripa Yedili - Ayçiçeği ibadet

Ganden Tripa Yedili - Ayçiçeği ibadet CD-r Sold Out

The Ganden Tripa unit is a danish psychedelic improvisationcollective consisting of an ever changing line-up. The project was born as a stoner psych duo by Martin 'aum' Jensen and Peter Svendsen but have since then explored various genres, including free-jazz, noise, folk, drone and spacerock.

This record is a live recorded jam-session, presenting the project in a septet form including Andreas Knigge on guitars and percussion, Jakob Juel Justesen on reeds, flutes and horns, Martin 'aum' Jensen on drums and reeds, Andreas Nørgaard on trumpet and djembe, Asbjørn Kalstrup on bass and guitars, Peter Svendsen playing guitar drones and Mads Olsen on bass and guitars. 35 minutes of psychedelic kraut/free-folk, most of all sounding like a circus having a psilocybin-mushroom party.
Each cover is unique with a different bird on it. 20 hand numbered copies.

Download here

Buy here: danishvaishyas@gmail.com. each is 20 Dkr/4 USD/3 Eur.

mandag den 12. oktober 2009

DV009 Eau - Kashyyyk

DV009/ Eau - Kashyyyk Sold Out
8cm CD-r

Second release from Eau.
Futuristic noisy ambient/drone. The year is 3065, and this is what the subway of tokyo sounds like. Enjoy

20DKr/4USD/3EUR danishvaishyas@gmail.com


DV008 Eau - Emperor Woods (The Three Ages)

DV008/ Eau - Emperor Woods (The Three Ages) Sold Out

Free-improvised, organic guitar and synth-drone. Perfect for a midnight stroll in those big, green, wet woods.



DV007 Outer Nothingness - Wail

DV007/ Outer Nothigness - Wail Sold Out
8cm CD-r

Second release from Outer Nothingness.
25 minutes of deep, dark, distorted drones combined with tape-loops, feedback and fragile, dusty guitars.



DV006 MOS6502 - #

DV006/ MOS6502 - # Sold out at source
8cm CD-r

Chaotic, authentic, skullcrushing 8-bit noises mixed with distorted, explosive noise drums.
Each 8cm CD-r comes with an unique bead-cover created by different local artists



mandag den 24. august 2009

DV005 Three Colours and a Noise - Rehersal Recordings

Three Colours and a Noise - Rehersal Recordings SOLD OUT!! Download below

Three Colours and a Noise have been figthing with their recording equipment for an eternity, but finnaly they succeded. Everytime Three Colours play they record it. And everytime it fails. Bad sound, overdrive, power cord accidently pulled out. You name it. But now we did it. And we burnt it on cd-r's. And we made covers. And now you can get your hands on this record.

Three free-form noise improvisations on total 22 minutes.
You can buy it for 15dkr. Write me on danishvaishyas@gmail.com.
Or you may download it here

DV004 Outer Nothingness - EP

Outer Nothingness - EP SOLD OUT!! Download below

Danish Vaishyas is proud to present for you, the most recent addition to our catalogue of fine, fine releases.
Outer Nothingness EP is a 30 minute long album containing dark, cold and metallic drones and atmospheres. oh well - I've written something about it in the last post, but i just wanted to let you know that it's avalible for purchasing from now on. So dont hesitate to write me at danishvaishyas@gmail.com to place your order.
And the price? Well - you cover the shipping expences which will be around 20Dkr/3€/4$

or you can download it, right here

DV003 Martin 'Aum' Jensen - Trommuset Til Sölu

Martin 'Aum' Jensen - Trommuset Til Sölu SOLD OUT!! Download below

So! Here it is. A solo free-jazz drum record from Martin 'Aum' Jensen. 20 minutes of explosive drum freakouts. No effects, no mastering, nothing fancy. Just dry, harsh, free-style drumming in five pieces. Enjoy!

You can buy this cd-r for 15dkr/2€/3$. Email me at

Or you can DOWNLOAD it HERE

DV001 & DV002 - Barad-Dûr - In The Darkest Hour of Ativan Dynasty & Terra Ignis Aqua Aura

Barad-Dûr - Terra Ignis Aqua Aura. (DV002)
hand numbered limited, 8cm/3" cd-r, four track EP. SOLD OUT!!

Covers of handmade, recycled paper with a low quality print. White 8cm/3" CD-r and mini-inlay with details and specifications (tracklist, catalouge number, what number of how many?) every mini-inlay is unique and different from each other.

  1. Terra (John Wall Remix)
  2. Ignis
  3. Aqua (live jan. 2007)
  4. Aura


Price: 25DKR/5$/3,5€ (excl. shipping/porto)
Pay via Bank transfer or Paypal.
Order both and save some of the shipping/porto


Barad-Dûr - In The Darkest Hour of Ativan Dynasty
hand numbered limited CD-r Album. SOLD OUT!!

Thin mini-dvd covers with total black cd-r's (on both front and back), some of them is white on the top (request wheater you want a black or white. There is only a few whites). Low quality cover-prints on photo-paper, every cover has it's own unique photograph on the inside, see backside of cover for specifications (what number of how many cd's?)
Some of the discs might be damaged in the edge, on the playside, from the painting -It does not effect the data, since there is no data on the disc that close to the edge! So no need to panic!

  1. Medieval Skrug Complexity Lullaby
  2. Declare War On Subway Chaos
  3. Kunsthaus Tacheles
  4. Goodnight Modem
  5. Catholic Impulse 11
  6. Agressive Industrial Mental Breakdown
  7. A Turkey Diary
  8. God-Like Hypnosis
  9. Let me introduce the band! (credits, The end)

Price: 30DKR/6$/4€ (excl. shipping/porto)
Pay via Bank transfer or Paypal.
Order here: danishvaishyas@gmail.com
Order both and save some of the shipping/porto

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